Infoletter China

The Infoletter China is targeted at German and international companies who have operations in China and are interested in current tax developments.

Issues 2019

Infoletter No.11 issue
IIT risk in the first new annual IIT filing

Infoletter No.10 issue
New incentives to Shanghai RHQs

Infoletter No.9 issue
Full VAT qualification allowed in comprehensive bonded zones

Infoletter No.8 issue
China escalates land VAT legislation

Infoletter No.7 issue
China concluded the fifth tax protocal with HK SAR

Infoletter No.6 issue
Tax raid on share transfer in Beijing

Infoletter No.5 issue
Royalty matters

Infoletter No.4 issue
China clarifies IIT policies for non-domiciled individuals

Infoletter No.3 issue
China offers VAT cuts again

Infoletter No.2 issue
China IIT reform (special additional deductions)

Infoletter No.1 issue
China IIT reform

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