Infoletter China

The Infoletter China is targeted at German and international companies who have operations in China and are interested in current tax developments.

Issues 2018

Infoletter No.10 issue
China IIT Law being amended

Infoletter No.9 issue
China extended tax benefits to VCE and angel investors

Infoletter No.8 issue
China adjusted tax incentives to boost capex

Infoletter No.7 issue
China clarifies tax treaty clauses

Infoletter No.6 issue
China cuts VAT rates

Infoletter No.05 issue
China withholding tax deferral program

Infoletter No.04 issue
China updates BO rules on dividends, interest and royalty

Infoletter No.03 issue
Top 5 China tax issues to avoid

Infoletter No.02 issue
China green tax in force now

Infoletter No.01 issue
China’s Customs introduces advance ruling

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