Infoletter China

Issues 2016

Infoletter 13/2016
What G20 says on tax?

Infoletter 12/2016
Risks related to input VAT Claims

Infoletter 11/2016
Case study - how hybrid services are taxed for VAT

Infoletter 10/2016
China's expenditure-based assessment method revised by VAT reform

Infoletter 09/2016
China confirms to exchange country-by-country reports

Infoletter 08/2016
10 tips to manufacturing operators – B2V reform

Infoletter 07/2016
China Customs sets eyes on royalty

Infoletter 06/2016
Case study - commissionaire arrangement could constitute a permanent establishment in China

Infoletter 05/2016
Tech firm qualification amended

Infoletter 04/2016
Grand Opera in China B2V reform - starting from 1 May 2016

Infoletter 03/2016
G20 Shanghai meeting: more BEPS associates welcomed

Infoletter 02/2016
China Tax on Mainland-Hong Kong Mutually Recognized Funds

Infoletter 01/2016
China Individual Income Tax (“IIT”) Reform


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