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Issues 2013

20190117 roundtable - Update of IIT Reform

15102018 English tax  class

29092018 Master Class China Business pdf

29092018 Master Class China Business

27092018 HZ Tax English Training

20180920 IIT Law reform roundtable

20180904 IIT Law reform roundtable

20180730 IIT Law reform roundtable

20180516 Tax risk roundtable

Tax English Training No.4

Tax English Training No.3

Tax English Training No.2

Tax English Training No.1 

Tax English Training

Infoletter China #12/2013
PE Book

Infoletter China #11/2013
New industrial catalogue of foreign investment in central and western regions

Infoletter China #10/2013
Procedure for VAT exemption for cross-border services

Infoletter China #09/2013
More visa types for foreigners in China

Infoletter China #08/2013
Increased VAT recovery due to latest regulation update

Infoletter China #07/2013
Simplification of outbound payments

Infoletter China #06/2013
Further clarification of the totality of facts approach regarding beneficial ownership

Infoletter China #05/2013
Increased documentation requirements for secondments to China from 1 June 2013

Infoletter China #4/2013
Clarification on Capital Gains Article in China's Tax Treaties

Infoletter China #3/2013
Next wave of VAT Pilot Program

Infoletter China #2/2013
China Customs Alert

Infoletter China #1/2013
China Tax 2012 highlights in retrospect

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